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Why You Should Consider Collagen Peptides in Iced Coffee

Why You Should Consider Adding Collagen Peptides To Iced Coffee

Posted on August 27, 2021 by Uscriptives

As research into nutrition and supplements continues to advance, recognition of the benefits offered by some compounds and supplements is also expanding exponentially. Count collagen among the best, especially when it comes to adding anti-aging properties to iced coffee. Why? Because collagen is by far the most common protein in the body, and collagen is also the key to strong bones and glowing, radiant skin.

Collagen is now commonly available in the form of peptides that tend to be more accessible, and the powder collagen supplements you can buy make adding them to beverages like coffee that much easier. So what are the benefits? Keep reading to learn why you should consider collagen peptides in iced coffee.

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Collagen Benefits

Blessed with naturally clear and glowing skin? Chances are your collagen is playing a major role, and the more of it your body can produce, the better your skin will look. Collagen helps keep your skin moist, and the longer you produce adequate amounts of it the less you’ll be prone to wrinkles. Collagen is also crucial to bone and joint health. It helps assure the integrity of cartilage, which in turn protects your joints, and studies have shown that taking collagen supplements in a powdered peptide form can reduce pain and help protect against osteoarthritis. That protection could extend to preventing the loss of bone mass, and many studies that are currently underway are showing promising results in that area.

But the versatility of collagen peptides extends far beyond ordinary health protection. For athletes and those seeking to get stronger, collagen brings plenty to the table in that department, too. As much as ten percent of your muscle mass consists of collagen, so taking a supplement in conjunction with an exercise program can provide an extra boost that may very well improve your athletic performance across the board. Collagen also helps out in other areas that go beyond getting stronger, having healthy bones and helping skin stay supple and elastic. Collagen is showing impressive results when it comes to maintaining and boosting heart health, so there are benefits to be reaped there as well. Why? Simple. Collagen helps arteries maintain their structure. Strong arteries means the heart gets more blood, and collagen can also prevent the narrowing of arteries that often goes hand in hand with heart attacks and strokes.

Cholesterol is part of the package as well. Collagen supplements have been shown to help HDL cholesterol-i.e., the so-called “good cholesterol”, that helps maintain heart health and prevent atherosclerosis. Finally, there are other benefits provided by collagen that are more speculative. The strength of hair and nails is directly related to skin health, and some initial studies show that collagen helps make hair and nails stronger and less brittle.

Gut health and brain health are two of the more exciting new frontiers when it comes to possible collagen benefits. Could collagen help prevent intestinal permeability (i.e., “leaky gut” syndrome) and help reduce anxiety and mood swings? Some studies are showing that this is entirely possible. Weight loss is yet another frontier where collagen may end up playing a vital role. Collagen supplements could promote weight loss and help speed up metabolism, although this possibility hasn’t been studied to a great extent just yet.

Now that you have an idea of the benefits collagen can provide, let’s talk about how to get more of it. There are plenty of options here, so we’ll try to hone in on the best ones.

Getting the Collagen Boost

The best thing about collagen peptides is that they’re versatile. The powdered form mixes easily with just about any liquid, which opens up all kinds of possibilities when it comes to adding them to your diet.

One of the best is adding collagen peptides in iced coffee. Given that some studies show that that morning cup of joe (or three) is a serious health benefit, why not up the ante by adding a healthy dose of collagen powder.

If you’re worried about whether collagen mixes well, don’t be. Basically, you can easily add it to any drink and you can use a bottle blender to keep the mix from getting too thick, or you can use warm water initially before you add the iced coffee.

Moreover, there are plenty of recipes available. For people on a keto diet, adding collagen peptides can be a quick and easy way to up protein intake. Many on the keto diet swear by a mix called “bulletproof” coffee, which consists of butter added to regular coffee. Collagen peptides up the protein count in that blend, so it’s an addition that’s well worth considering. If you prefer cold brew coffee, adding a scoop of your favorite collagen powder is just as easy.

One other important factor to consider is the quality of the collagen. Uscriptives offers a high-quality supplement that uses grass-fed collagen peptides. Still unsure about why you should consider collagen peptides in iced coffee? Visit our product page to learn more. 

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