CBD Muscle Cream

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This NanoZorb CBD and Nano-Optimized muscle cream contains a potent combination of THC-free hemp-based cannabinoids and natural extracts that may help alleviate inflammation and soothe discomfort in targeted areas. The NanoZorb technology in this product supports an increased absorption of the cream in comparison to other forms of CBD.


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  • Infused with eucalyptus oil, aloe vera and peppermint oil for maximum soothing effect
  • Features NanoZorb technology
  • Nanozorb is a trademarked technology that helps provide a superior method for enhanced solubilization of various compounds.
  • Nanozorb helps dramatically improve the stability and absorption of CBD particles making our CBD Muscle cream a fast-acting cream, with superior absorption to help soothe inflammation, body aches, and overactive nerves.
  • Superior absorption: Absorbs quickly to provide targeted comfort
  • 3.4 oz

2 reviews for CBD Muscle Cream

  1. T

    Great product. Would recommend for muscle fatigue and soreness.

  2. Ashton Lee

    Was recommended CBD muscle creams from a friend. I play a lot of tennis and get a lot of aches in my legs. This has definitely helped elevate the discomfort greatly.

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