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CBD Cream Benefits – Everything You Need to Know

Posted on May 5, 2021 by Uscriptives

CBD cream benefits – it’s no secret that using CBD oil in health products is a rising trend thanks to the diversity of its treatment applications. With studies showing that it can help people struggling with anxiety, seizures, addiction, Parkinson’s, and even the side effects of cancer treatments, CBD oil is proving itself to be a formidable ally in the fight against all manner of conditions which goes to show what CBD cream benefits are. The oil can be utilized in ingested products (what you eat), inhalants (what you breathe), and even in CBD topicals such as creams meant to soothe inflammation.

The latter is particularly popular amongst athletes, with applications through cooling gels and soothing creams that tackle aching muscles and joints after intense exercise. However, anyone who’s ever had a sore or injured muscle, experienced arthritis pain, or struggled with any other inflammatory condition would benefit from CBD creams.

But what exactly is CBD, and how does it work? Is it all hype, or is it gaining popularity for good reason? Below, we’ll discuss some of the specifics of CBD cream benefits and why it can help treat such a wide variety of ailments.

what is CBD and how does it work

Understanding the Benefits – What is CBD, and How Does it Work?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid, a compound found in both the cannabis plant and hemp. It is also produced through our own natural endocannabinoid system (ECS). Cannabinoid receptors within the body (primarily in the brain) are responsible for reacting to the cannabis we inhale, ingest, or absorb, and triggering numerous responses within the body. Our ECS plays an important role in the management of our sleep regulation, pain response, appetite, and even our immune system The benefits of CBD are varied, as it can:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Provide significant soothing and relief
  • Alleviate joint and arthritis discomfort
  • Stabilize your mood
  • Treat nausea and improve appetite (important for those undergoing cancer treatments and suffering from gastrointestinal conditions that make it difficult to eat regularly)
  • Prevent and end seizures
  • Assist those struggling with addiction

And much more.

As a natural alternative to pharmaceutical relief medications and AEDs (antiepileptic drugs), it’s no wonder CBD oil has become as sought-after as it is. And, unlike smoking or ingesting the cannabis plant, using CBD oil will not produce a high or impairment. In fact, the worst side effects–if any are experienced–tend to be sleepiness, weight changes, and potentially diarrhea.
Compared to the long list of side effects most prescription drugs tend to offer (including but not limited to heart attack, stroke, and other much more serious conditions), this treatment would certainly be preferable to those suffering from chronic pain. Hemp plants provide an even safer form of CBD oil than cannabis plants, with no known side effects whatsoever.

is topical cbd cream effective

CBD Cream Benefits – Is Topical CBD Effective?

You may be more familiar with the idea of CBD being effective through inhalation and ingestion–methods in which the compound directly enters the body. But how does it work when it’s absorbed through the skin? Can CBD topicals really be all that effective?
In a word: Yes! CBD cream benefits tend to be geared more specifically toward inflammation relief, which is incredibly helpful for:

  • Athletes who are recovering from injury, muscle inflammation, joint pain, and other musculoskeletal ailments
  • Those who suffer from arthritis pain
  • Those with pain and inflammation due to insufficient vitamin intake
  • Anyone dealing with painful inflammatory musculoskeletal conditions

Any reputable CBD cream should be made by taking a high-quality cannabis or hemp plant, extracting its CBD (thereby isolating it from any high-inducing factors within the plant), and infusing it with other equally high-quality oils, primarily coconut oil. Some will try to include additional benefits by using essential oils in the product as well, which can either have practical uses or be purely for the sake of giving the product a pleasing scent.
So, if you fall into any of the above categories, it may be worth looking into CBD topicals as an alternative treatment to other prescription pharmaceuticals that have several more side effects and ingredients that are barely legible. It never hurts to do your own research on the matter, but talking to your doctor can also prove helpful when looking for the right product.

cbd regulation and reliability

Regulation and Reliability

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has had jurisdiction over the production of CBD creams since hemp-derived CBD products were legalized through the 2018 Farm Bill, but it’s important to note that this does not mean that such products are heavily regulated. As mentioned above, reputable creams should use high-quality products, but they should also carry no more than the 0.3% THC allowable by the FDA. If possible, rely on products recommended by a doctor.
For example, Uscriptives products require a code in order to purchase them, guaranteeing doctor approval. Uscriptives currently has a CBD Muscle Cream that boasts THC-free ingredients and uses NanoZorb technology to maximize absorption of CBD into the body. While other CBD topicals only allow for a maximum of 20% absorption thanks to a lack of sufficient solubility, NanoZorb technology raises that limit to a staggering 90%, giving you significantly more access to the CBD cream benefits you’re after.
Absorption is one of the biggest challenges that CBD topical producers face, and Uscriptives definitely stepped up to the plate to meet that challenge. Additionally, this CBD Muscle Cream uses eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil, both of which are essential oils known for anti-inflammatory properties and promoting relaxation.

getting cbd topicals

Talk to Your Healthcare Provider

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms to see how CBD cream could benefit and alleviate you. Don’t be afraid to ask them directly about certain products you’ve discovered in your own research, and make sure that you’re confident in the information that you’re given. Your doctor may have their own recommendations, and if a prescription is necessary, they can take care of that for you during your visit . If no prescription is required, you can confirm with them that the product looks reliable and that you would find genuine inflammation relief via the CBD cream benefits.

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